<transcy>I am a yoga coach. How do I earn extra income?</transcy>

I am a yoga coach. How do I earn extra income?

If you are a yoga teacher, creating a network of loyal students and generating stable income should be your priority. Do you want to know how to achieve it? Here we tell you the steps to achieve it.

Diversify your income: face-to-face classes, workshops, collaborations, retreats.

Diversifying your income is crucial to maintaining stable income.

Workshops or seminars are teaching spaces that are offered outside of your regular classes and are the perfect opportunity to increase your background, develop topics that interest you with greater attention and expand your circle of influence.

Plan, plan, plan.

To be successful as a yoga teacher, have a stable income, keep loyal students, etc. you need to have an annual planning starting with the simplest.

You hear that little voice that invades you 20 minutes before your class starts and that asks you incessantly, what am I teaching the students today?

That seemingly innocent question consumes your energy, creates stress, and takes away from your professionalism.

Believe in yourself!

Be sure that along your path as a yoga teacher the feelings of panic or vertigo will appear. Every time you want to take a leap or go to a higher level of education, that fear will reappear and questions such as: “but where am I going? Who am I to do this?

Namely, As you grow as a teacher, your fears and insecurities grow with you, transform, mutate and evolve so that you face new challenges and challenges. They keep you on your toes, willing to outdo yourself and do your best.

Expand your possibilities!

You can have more income and at the same time retain your students in a simple way.

We have verified through our clients that when they offer yoga related products to their students, they enjoy their classes more and it is easier for them to create and grow their community of students more.

You can, too, by offering high-quality, yoga-themed tops and t-shirts at a great price so you can have a profit margin.

Undertaking and expanding your possibilities is now very simple.

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